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Peter Rademacher

Peter Rademacher was born on the 22.3.1953 in Hagen.
After professional change of his father to Arnsberg in Sauerland, he lived there with his family till 1973.

During his school time in high school he developped under the direction of his art teacher R.Pawlik his technology. Soon he illustrated for several local magazines. After ending school in 1973 he learnt, in addition, the art of (colour)woodcut and etching. He undertook a lot of study travelling above all to Paris and Amsterdam to visit old printers, still working in the old artistic manner. In 1979 he began his medicine study, printed and painted, however, undauntedly further.

In the 80-s he illustrated some issues of "Kinky Mirrors" (German Fanzine of the British beatgroup "The Kinks") and thereby became more known abroad. Also in Münster he illustrated magazines and created numerous graphics. For "et cetera" which appeared only short time in the 90-s around Münster, he created as an addition the woodcut "l `abstract" which was printed only in low edition.

Today Peter Rademacher lives with his family in Münster, pursues a practise as an ophthalmologist and is a member of the artist's community "spectrum".

Peter Rademacher has shown his works in more than 100 single exhibitions and group exhibitions.

Peter Rademacher, Münster/Westfalen

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